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How Harbour Medical Centers Eliminates Shoulder Pain in Stuart, FL

How Harbour Medical Centers Eliminates Shoulder Pain | Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Stuart, FL

How Harbour Medical Centers Eliminates Shoulder Pain | Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Stuart, FL

Hello, I’m Dr. Bill Wiedner from Harbour Medical Centers. Today, I’ll guide you through what to expect during your first visit to our office, especially if you’re seeking assistance for shoulder pain. Upon arrival, you’ll enter our inviting lobby, where our friendly front desk and case managers will assist you with initial paperwork. The serene environment ensures a comfortable start to your visit.

Step 2: Consultation Room

Once paperwork is completed, you’ll proceed to one of our consultation rooms. Here, a case manager will engage with you to gather information about your medical history and understand the progression of your shoulder issues.

Step 3: Examination Room

After the initial discussion, you’ll be guided to an examination room, where you’ll meet with one of our medical providers. This marks the beginning of the diagnostic process to identify the specific concerns related to your shoulder pain.

Step 4: Treatment Room

Upon a preliminary diagnosis, you may move to a treatment room where our medical team operates. Cutting-edge technology, such as diagnostic ultrasound, aids in assessing soft tissue damage within the shoulder.

Step 5: Diagnostic Imaging

Moving down the hall, you’ll encounter our digital X-ray suite. This technology assists in determining the structural alignment and position of the shoulder, providing essential insights for an accurate diagnosis.

Step 6: Specialized Treatment Rooms

Explore our specialized treatment rooms, such as the spinal decompression room, equipped to address nerve-related shoulder issues. Our therapy technologies, including class four lasers and pulse wave devices, target inflammation and promote soft tissue repair.

Step 7: Passive Therapy and Alignment

Discover our passive therapy room, featuring electrically-based therapies designed to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance oxygen supply to tissues. Adjacent, our alignment room focuses on correcting misalignments associated with shoulder problems.

Step 8: Active Therapy Room

In the active therapy room, you’ll engage in exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding your shoulder, contributing to stabilization and improved range of motion.

This overview provides a glimpse into what your first visit at Harbour Medical Centers entails. We eagerly anticipate meeting you in person, understanding your unique needs, and working together towards your shoulder health and overall well-being.Thank you for considering Harbour Medical Centers for your shoulder health. We’re committed to providing personalized care to help you achieve lasting relief and regain your quality of life. We look forward to welcoming you to our office soon!

Harbour Medical Centers

At Harbour Medical Centers, we understand that chronic pain has far-reaching impact. It can take a significant toll on your life. Fortunately, our chiropractic clinic located in Stuart, FL combines advanced treatment options with highly trained chiropractors and medical professionals with combined over 50 years of experience.

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