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Knee Pain Treatment Chiropractor Stuart FL Near Me

Knee Pain Treatment in Stuart, FL

The knee is a vulnerable joint essential for handling the stress of athletics and everyday activities. Given the importance of proper knee function, it’s concerning that 1 in 3 Americans will experience knee pain; it’s the second most common form of chronic pain. In 2017 alone, there were more than 966,000 knee replacement surgeries!

Knee pain is a broad term for a variety of conditions, as many structures in the knee can ultimately become injured due to various lifestyle factors. These structures range from cartilage, tendon, ligament, or meniscus. Variables such as weight, gender, age, and tobacco use will all affect the health of your knees and how they age. Fortunately, surgery is not your only option to reduce knee pain and improve function.

The Integrative Medical approach is an excellent option for knee pain and its associated injuries. For starters, the scientifically proven combination of conservative treatments, like regenerative therapies such as knee decompression, passive and physical therapy, and knee joint alignment, can lead to long-term pain relief and functional improvement. Combining this with our other therapies is an all-natural way to improve your knee function and return to your favorite activities.

How Our Knee Pain Care Plan Works

How We Treat Knee Pain in Stuart, FL

Comprehensive Consultation and Examination

The first step before treatment is to meet with one of our highly trained Case Managers, who will listen to your story. Clearly understanding your past and future life goals gives us an accurate understanding of where to begin our examination in determining the root cause of what’s triggering your knee pain. Without an accurate diagnosis, the treatment will not be successful.

Then, the Case Manager will introduce you to one of our medical providers, who will perform a complete physical, neurological, and biomechanical examination. Additionally, we’ll perform a series of X-rays or a diagnostic ultrasound to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

With the root cause of your knee pain found, we can design your customized treatment plan and help you address it.

Knee-on-Trac Joint Decompression

The most common reason for getting knee replacement surgery is simply because the knee has completely worn down. The joint space is gone, the menisci have worn down, and the femur and tibia bones are basically touching. This operation uses hardware that “replaces” the knee joint space altogether. It is a costly maneuver and doesn’t always lead to pain relief for sufferers of this type of knee pain.

At Harbour Medical Centers, we utilize technology that decompresses the knee joint, opens up joint spacing, and stimulates healing. This device is known as the Knee-on-Trac, and it’s the only product on the market of its kind.

During treatment on the Knee-on-Trac, you sit comfortably in a chair with your knee secured to the device. The device will slowly and gently stretch the knee back and forth for five to ten minutes. This treatment decreases inflammation, increases hydration to the joint, increases the knee’s range of motion, and speeds up the healing process. Our treatment programs will take you through a series of visits that will provide regular care to the knees to help restore motion and function to the affected knee joint.

Soft Tissue Therapy

In many cases of knee injury, the muscles around the knees can be tight, and we offer several non-invasive therapies that will help balance the knee and significantly reduce stress on the joint. We utilize advanced passive treatments:

  • Class 4 Laser
  • Radial Pressure Wave
  • NeuroMed
  • Neurocure

With these therapies, we will address the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and tibial muscles to help improve their mobility, reduce restrictions, and support proper knee motion.

Advanced Injections

Our medical providers can utilize safe, scientifically proven joint regenerative injections that include Platelet Rich Plasma, Hyaluronic Acid, and many other products known to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and joints.

Joint Manipulation

Most injuries related to the knee are rooted in a history of poor functional movement. This can range from immobility, weakness, or imbalances that fail to properly support your knee’s integrity. Functional issues above and below the knee can be involved in many cases. Our goal in joint manipulation is to improve joint mobility and restore proper range of motion. With proper function and movement, the knee and other joints can be more pain-free, even with arthritic conditions.

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Ismael Tavares
Ismael Tavares
Look no further! This place is way more than just chiropractic care. I’ve been struggling with scoliosis my entire life in constant neck and lower back pain being told there was nothing that could be done. After working with Dr.Weidner and team I can happily say I’m pain free. They develop a custom care program for you with more than adjustments that can really help you avoid surgery. The staff here is extremely caring and generous but also very knowledgeable. Everyone was on the same page about my case and the proper care followed. Thank you for changing my life!
Lloyd Fuller
Lloyd Fuller
I was very impressed with the quality of the staff at the medical center. They appeared to be experienced and knowledgeable. I am excited about what they can possibly do to help me with my medical issues.
Brenda Thixton
Brenda Thixton
Dr Weidner and hs wonderful staff have changed my life and outlook on chiropractic wellness!!! I feel truly blessed!!
Lucia Farber
Lucia Farber
This place is amazing. My 84 yr old mother came here with so much back pain that every step she took was painful. After her therapy, she was walking around the block like a teenager. Amazing place, amazing doctor and amazing staff!!! Highly recommended
Zoie Prather
Zoie Prather
I love love love it here, everytime I come I appreciate how much he strives to help however he can, I know whenever I'm in a pinch I can definitely rely on Dr. W to save the day.
Megan Johnston
Megan Johnston
My wife is in process of doing a program for her knees. She has all but stopped complaining about k we pain. We go on trips and we do t have to slow down for anything. This program has changed our lives 100% for the better!!!
John Fortier
John Fortier
I wasn't sleeping because of Pain, I wasn't walking because of pain, I wasn't really functioning because of pain. They did their therapy on my knee And straightened up my back and Body. I didn't give up they went the extra mile and now I can sleep and walk. The p r p therapy worked for me.
Susan Herring
Susan Herring
I had hurt my back a week ago and as the days passed, the pain intensified... (in my 70's & moving furniture was not a smart move). Thanks to your adjustment today; I'll be sleeping soundly tonight. THANK YOU so very much!
Jeff Hedgepeth
Jeff Hedgepeth
Great staff! They did wonders for me without surgery or medications!
roman vinciguerra
roman vinciguerra
My mother actually found harbour medical center on facebook. When I came in, I was experiencing 3 different forms of scoliosis. Dr Weidner and his team have done an amazing job at straightening, strengthening, and aligning my back, as well as straightening the curve in my neck! This place is awesome, friendly, and overall an amazing experience! (and its surgery free) 5 stars all the way for Mr. Weidner and his amazing team!
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Common Causes of Knee Pain in Stuart, FL

Degenerative Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)

Perhaps the most common cause of knee pain, especially chronic knee pain, is degenerative arthritis. This condition is classically caused by wear and tear over years and even decades of use. It can also be accelerated by being overweight or obese due to the increased weight stress applied to the knee joints. It typically appears on one side first but can affect both knees over time. From a medical standpoint, it is generally treated with NSAID medications, knee injections, and, eventually, knee replacement surgery. However, there are more natural options available to treat this common condition.

At Harbour Medical Centers, we address knee pain by getting to the root cause of the issue. If there is soft tissue damage, we use advanced injections. If there is alignment or structural imbalance, we use joint manipulation techniques. If there is muscle weakness, instability, spasm, or range of motion loss, we can employ our passive therapies and Knee-on-Trac joint decompression. Overall, many effective, conservative treatments for degenerative arthritis are worth trying before moving on to more invasive treatment methods.

Torn Meniscus

A torn meniscus is another common sports injury that occurs with forceful twisting of the knee joint. The meniscus is the thin fibrocartilage layer that lines the knee joint’s bony surfaces. When you plant your foot, the knee bones come extremely close together. When rotation of the knee occurs, whether intentional or not, the bones push into the meniscus, causing anything up to a complete tear of the cartilage. This can be very painful and cause swelling and inflammation in and around the knee.

Surgery is a common route for treating a torn meniscus, but it is not always successful. More conservative methods are just as effective in rehabilitating even completely torn menisci. Advanced Injections, including deep tissue laser, and therapeutic exercises, can be very effective for healing torn menisci, but it can take time to recover completely.

Runner’s Knee

Some knee injuries result from overuse or repetitive motion; a particularly common one is Runner’s knee. This condition causes pain in the front of the knee, either around or behind the kneecap. It develops over time due to repetitive activities such as jogging or running. It can cause “creaking” and “cracking” noises to occur in addition to chronic knee stiffness. The amount of force and stress placed on the knee joint during this activity causes the surrounding tissue to become inflamed. However, there is usually no damage to any bones, ligaments, or muscle tendons.

Sometimes, Runner’s knee will require some time off of running to let the tissue heal and the inflammation subside. Advanced Injections and deep tissue laser, which uses light energy to penetrate deep into the tissue and accelerate the healing process by decreasing inflammation, can also effectively manage the condition. Runners are some of the most dedicated athletes on the planet, and the better they can manage conditions like runner’s knee, the more they can stay out there doing what they love.

ACL Injury

Within the knee joint, two ligaments connect the thigh bone to the leg bone: The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Of these 2, the ACL is far more likely to be injured. ACL injuries can happen in everyday life, but they most notably occur in the context of sports due to the mechanism of injury. In sports requiring rapid change of direction, such as soccer, basketball, or football, the ACL can be damaged when the knee rotates while the foot is planted. This torquing motion causes fibers in the ACL to tear and, in the worst cases, completely rupture.

ACL treatment depends largely on the extent of the damage. If the ligament is damaged but still intact, it can be rehabilitated through Advanced Injections, rehabilitation exercises, deep tissue vibration therapy, as well as many other therapies.

Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome

The iliotibial band, more commonly known as the IT band, is the longest tendon in the human body. It is the tendon of a hip muscle called the tensor fascia lata, and it spans down the outside of the thigh down to its attachment site past the knee joint. You can feel IT band irritation anywhere along the tendon, but it is especially common to feel discomfort on the outside of the knee. This condition tends to affect athletes such as distance runners and cyclists due to their repetitive movements.

At Harbour Medical Centers, our doctors utilize a combination of Advanced Injections, Class 4 Laser, Radial Pressure Wave, Neurocure, and NeuroMed technologies to help facilitate the healing process of the IT band. They will also provide exercises to help provide more muscle balance to the quadriceps, which can help further stabilize the knee joint. IT band syndrome can be painful, but recovery is usually very straightforward and does not take very long to heal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you see an Integrated Medical Center for knee pain?

As quickly as possible. Pain is usually the last symptom to arrive when a problem exists, so by the time you experience knee pain, the issue has already been there for some time. It is crucial to address knee pain early to minimize the damage and make the best recovery possible. The longer you wait to address knee pain, the worse it gets. Stop by Harbour Medical Centers and see how they can help you.

How do I know if my knee pain is serious?

Your knee pain is serious if it’s interfering with your everyday life. Work, hobbies, family activities, etc., are an important part of your quality of life. If your knee pain is disrupting these things, you should get it checked out to determine the best options to help fix this problem.

Is walking good for the knee?

Exercise is definitely good for knee pain, and walking is one of the best types of exercise you can do. Walking exercises the leg muscles that move and support the knee while not applying much force to the joint. The key to exercise is to do it consistently. Walking is very accessible, making it an excellent option if you have knee pain.

Is it better to use heat or ice for knee pain?

Most types of knee pain involve inflammation, so we recommend you use ice when treating knee pain at home. Ice will push inflammation away from the source, which relieves and soothes the achy joint. Heat can attract more blood flow, which could increase joint inflammation. Therefore, it is best to avoid heat for knee pain.

What does arthritis in the knee feel like?

If you have osteoarthritis of the knee, your knee will be painful and stiff at times. It may only affect one knee, especially if you’ve injured it in the past, or you could have it in both. The pain may feel worse at the end of the day or when you move your knee, and it may improve when you rest.

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