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Physical Therapy Chiropractor Stuart FL Near Me

Physical Therapy in Stuart, FL

Physical therapy is often prescribed to treat injuries and chronic conditions that disrupt the normal function of joints, muscles, bones, and nerves. It works to restore patients’ mobility by increasing strength and flexibility. Doctors may also prescribe physical therapy for medical conditions like arthritis or cancer that cause pain. But physical therapy also is prescribed for basic and preventative reasons. Physical therapists recommend exercises to help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and balance, and relieve pain. While they are exercises (or stretches), they are typically much easier to perform than other exercises prescribed to improve fitness. These exercises limit how much force or power you can safely apply without injuring yourself.

How Our Physical Therapy Care Plan Works

What is Physical Therapy, and How Does it Work?

Physical therapy is a short-term treatment focusing on helping patients restore function and correct movement patterns by restoring normal joint movements and positioning. Physical therapy exercises aim to maintain or improve fitness and function in people affected by injuries or conditions such as arthritis. Physical therapists are trained to detect, treat, and prevent musculoskeletal disorders. They use exercises or other techniques to help patients regain full strength, flexibility, range of motion, or muscle endurance.

Physical therapists are often involved with other treatments besides just prescribing exercises. Physical therapists often help patients learn alternative ways to accomplish everyday tasks or try to modify the patient’s home to make things easier. For example, if a patient has a shoulder injury, the physical therapist would teach them exercises they can do at home and how to lift objects to isolate the muscles and avoid stress on the injured shoulder. Some physical therapists will also teach patients exercises they can do at home to help relieve pain and swelling. The therapist may also recommend a patient work with a personal trainer or attend physical therapy exercise school to learn more exercises and routines to help them identify and build upon areas of weakness.

Who Can Benefit From Physical Therapy in Stuart, FL?

Many different types of people use physical therapy for different reasons. For example, athletes use physical therapy exercises after an injury or surgery to recover from injury and improve their performance. Physical therapists may work with dancers, athletes, or other performers to enhance their skills. People with arthritis may receive physical therapy to help ease joint pain and stiffness; physical therapists also help patients increase flexibility and restore the normal range of motion.

Seniors may have mobility issues, poor balance, or muscle loss, and physical therapists may work with them to slow the effects of aging. Physical therapists have different levels of training and expertise. There are more than 130,000 physical therapists in the U.S., not including sports medicine specialists.

Physical therapists can also help people hurt in a car accident or who lose a limb due to surgery or an accident. Physical therapists may work with patients with balance problems or difficulty walking due to nerve damage. They can help people relearn how to walk. Other patients can benefit from physical therapy exercise after brain injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis.

Acute conditions requiring rehabilitation may require only physical therapy a few times a week for a few days or weeks; chronic conditions such as back pain may require ongoing treatment for several months. Physical therapists are trained to use exercises to help improve function and movement. Patients may do stretching, resistance training (such as weight-lifting), or other strength and endurance exercises. Physical therapists also use various tools and equipment to help patients balance their upper body strength. Physical therapists may also teach a person how to perform tasks safely if they have problems with mobility or balance. They may offer tips on lifting objects and using stairs safely or teach patients exercises they can do at home. Some physical therapists will also suggest exercises to help relieve pain and stiffness. Physical therapists often work closely with patients’ doctors to help patients get better.

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Ismael Tavares
Ismael Tavares
Look no further! This place is way more than just chiropractic care. I’ve been struggling with scoliosis my entire life in constant neck and lower back pain being told there was nothing that could be done. After working with Dr.Weidner and team I can happily say I’m pain free. They develop a custom care program for you with more than adjustments that can really help you avoid surgery. The staff here is extremely caring and generous but also very knowledgeable. Everyone was on the same page about my case and the proper care followed. Thank you for changing my life!
Lloyd Fuller
Lloyd Fuller
I was very impressed with the quality of the staff at the medical center. They appeared to be experienced and knowledgeable. I am excited about what they can possibly do to help me with my medical issues.
Brenda Thixton
Brenda Thixton
Dr Weidner and hs wonderful staff have changed my life and outlook on chiropractic wellness!!! I feel truly blessed!!
Lucia Farber
Lucia Farber
This place is amazing. My 84 yr old mother came here with so much back pain that every step she took was painful. After her therapy, she was walking around the block like a teenager. Amazing place, amazing doctor and amazing staff!!! Highly recommended
Zoie Prather
Zoie Prather
I love love love it here, everytime I come I appreciate how much he strives to help however he can, I know whenever I'm in a pinch I can definitely rely on Dr. W to save the day.
Megan Johnston
Megan Johnston
My wife is in process of doing a program for her knees. She has all but stopped complaining about k we pain. We go on trips and we do t have to slow down for anything. This program has changed our lives 100% for the better!!!
John Fortier
John Fortier
I wasn't sleeping because of Pain, I wasn't walking because of pain, I wasn't really functioning because of pain. They did their therapy on my knee And straightened up my back and Body. I didn't give up they went the extra mile and now I can sleep and walk. The p r p therapy worked for me.
Susan Herring
Susan Herring
I had hurt my back a week ago and as the days passed, the pain intensified... (in my 70's & moving furniture was not a smart move). Thanks to your adjustment today; I'll be sleeping soundly tonight. THANK YOU so very much!
Jeff Hedgepeth
Jeff Hedgepeth
Great staff! They did wonders for me without surgery or medications!
roman vinciguerra
roman vinciguerra
My mother actually found harbour medical center on facebook. When I came in, I was experiencing 3 different forms of scoliosis. Dr Weidner and his team have done an amazing job at straightening, strengthening, and aligning my back, as well as straightening the curve in my neck! This place is awesome, friendly, and overall an amazing experience! (and its surgery free) 5 stars all the way for Mr. Weidner and his amazing team!
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Common Conditions Best Suited for Physical Therapy in Stuart, FL


Persistent pain, swelling, and limited joint motion are early symptoms of arthritis. Some treatments focus on improving the range of motion and strengthening muscles to decrease pain and stiffness. Patients often need physical therapy for chronic pain caused by arthritis.


Many factors, such as infection or fractures, can cause pain. Physical therapists use treatments that promote movement, reduce swelling and stiffness, and alleviate pain.

Sports Injuries

Physical therapists are trained to treat acute injuries and work to prevent future injuries for athletes or those who pursue a physically active lifestyle. Some common sports-related injuries include lower back pain, muscle strains, neck pain, head injuries, and even spinal disc herniations.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Physical therapy exercise can help patients regain strength, balance, and coordination after a stroke. Some physical therapists may focus on improving upper body strength for patients who have had a stroke.

Spine Disorders

Physical therapists can help with a wide variety of spine disorders. Some common spine problems include scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, and osteoporosis. Physical therapists may use heat or cold packs on the patient’s neck or back to relieve pain and swelling.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Chiropractic adjustments are the most critical tool in any chiropractor’s arsenal to help their patients. However, a physical therapist can help patients rehabilitate and heal by using exercises targeted at specific areas of the body. Most physical therapists treat everything that isn’t spine-related—and if they don’t, they’re usually well-informed enough to know where they should be focusing their efforts while rehabilitating their patients. Here are some benefits of having a physical therapist work in tandem with your chiropractic adjustments:

Better Posture and Spinal Alignment

Good posture is essential, especially as people get older. A physical therapist will find areas in their patients that they might not be able to see themselves, such as shoulder misalignment or leg length issues. Even in children, looking at posture and alignment can make patients aware of what habits they can change to build posture.

Strengthens the Body-Mind Connection

Physical therapists work closely with their patients to help them heal from unrelated conditions. Physical therapists might work on improving self-esteem or encouraging their patients to understand that they can do things independently, like taking a walk or going up the stairs when they feel ready.

All-Natural Therapy

Physical therapy works to help people heal naturally, and it does so by working with their brains and bodies. Some medical professionals think physical therapy is a last resort before surgery, but physical therapists beg to differ. They want their patients to be active in their exercises and work with them instead of going through the motions of rehabilitation.

Promotes Movement

Technological advances have made it easier than ever for physical therapists to do an excellent job of rehabilitating injured or disabled patients. Using this therapy in tandem with a physical therapist, patients can be active as they work with their bodies and learn how to perform daily tasks that require using muscles that are still strong or even building muscles all over again.
Physical therapists use a variety of tools and equipment for their patients. They also work closely with patients to make them aware of self-care tasks they may need help with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is physical therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) is a rehabilitation treatment that can help people who have had major injuries and are recovering from surgery or chronic conditions regain their strength and mobility.

Is physical therapy painful?

Physical therapy isn’t necessarily painful. Some exercises and stretches can initially be uncomfortable but gradually become easier as the patient adjusts.

Is physical therapy effective?

It’s up to the patient whether PT works for them, as it differs for everyone. However, it is generally effective for most patients who want to recover from an injury or chronic conditions such as arthritis, neck pain, and many more.

How long does physical therapy exercise take?

It depends on the severity of the condition and how much time the patient has to dedicate to recovery. Generally, it would take at least six weeks for patients in the early stages of treatment. It could take up to a year and a half for severe chronic conditions such as arthritis and high blood pressure, based on the individual’s case.

What equipment do you need?

You don’t necessarily need any equipment, though you could use exercise balls, sheets, therapeutic socks, and towels. You can purchase various exercise machines from the market depending on your condition.

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