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How To Get Fast Shoulder Pain Relief in Stuart, FL

By February 26, 2024No Comments2 min read
How To Get Fast Shoulder Pain Relief | Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Stuart, FL

How To Get Fast Shoulder Pain Relief | Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Stuart, FL

Hello, I’m Dr. Bill Wiedner from Harbour Medical Center, and today I’m excited to introduce you to one of our highly effective technologies – the Class Four Laser, specifically designed for deep tissue therapy. This cutting-edge laser is a valuable asset, especially for our patients with shoulder issues.

Targeting Deeper Tissues

The Class Four Laser is a preferred choice for shoulder patients because it allows us to reach deep tissues. By doing so, we can address inflammation, enhance circulation, increase oxygen supply, and reduce toxicity within the joint. This comprehensive approach contributes to accelerated healing and faster relief for our patients.

Simple and Efficient Process

The laser therapy session is a straightforward process, typically lasting three to five minutes. During the session, the shoulder tissue is bathed in a special laser wavelength. Protective eyewear is always used to ensure safety. Our highly trained technicians focus on key soft tissues and joint spaces of the shoulder, tailoring the treatment to your specific needs.

Immediate Impact on Range of Motion

After the treatment, patients often experience a remarkable change in their range of motion. The immediate reduction in discomfort and inflammation is noticeable, providing a tangible and positive outcome.

Multiple Units for Varied Diagnoses

We have several Class Four Laser units, each tailored to address specific diagnoses. This diversity allows us to customize treatments to match the unique requirements of our patients.

Looking Forward to Sharing this Technology with You

When you visit our office, we look forward to sharing the benefits of technologies like the Class Four Laser with you. Your well-being is our priority, and these advanced tools play a crucial role in our commitment to providing effective and personalized care.

Thank you for joining us today. If you have any questions or if you’re interested in exploring Class Four Laser Therapy, we encourage you to reach out or schedule a visit. We’re here to help you on your journey to better health!

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At Harbour Medical Centers, we understand that chronic pain has far-reaching impact. It can take a significant toll on your life. Fortunately, our chiropractic clinic located in Stuart, FL combines advanced treatment options with highly trained chiropractors and medical professionals with combined over 50 years of experience.

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